We pride ourselves on our excellent standards and reputation, both as an employer; and as a care service. MoralCare was created by Rebecca Williamson in 2021 after working for numerous homecare companies that were just not up to scratch; they provided impossible travel times, poor working conditions/rotas, unrealistic standards, and unhappy clients.

We ensure our team has room to breathe, and have the security and freedom of contracted shifts and contracted days off. We employ a range of positions to suit everyone from part-time, full-time, and bank positions.

We're looking to employ carers who share our vision of providing excellent care, and who are passionate about supporting the often forgotten and most vulnerable generation. 

No experience is needed as full shadowing, training, and qualifications will be offered. A full driving license, use of a vehicle, and a heart are all that is required.  

  • Administer & managing people's medication
  • Ordering & collecting medication
  • Support with personal care
  • Commode and continence care 
  • Support people with dementia/Parkinsons and other common illnesses in elderly people.
  • Light domestic duties/ bed changes
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Applying creams, skincare
  • Supporting people to make GP appointments, referrals, liaising with other health care professionals 
  • Companionship, emotional support
  • Dignified end-of-life care
  • Please note our positions are mainly solo working and visiting people's homes.

What makes MoralCare the leading care employer? 

  1. We care about our staff. If our staff are happy and content, they will deliver excellent care standards. (See reviews from our staff on Indeed/ Google/Facebook.)
  2. We offer an exclusive reward program. The staff that go above and beyond are constantly rewarded, not just expected. We send our team on helicopter rides, overnight stays, holidays abroad, and pamper sessions!
  3. Our runs make sense. Travel times are more than achievable, within close proximity and all travel time is paid for. (Even if you use your travel time to check in at home to see how the hubby is getting on with the kids!)
  4. We offer continuity of clients, so you can build up trusting professional relationships and provide effective care.
  5. We are the only employer in the area that offer contracted shifts on exact days. This ensures our team can know when they won't be at work so they can plan ahead and plan their life, whilst also having the security of work. 

MoralCare Rewards

Our team is constantly rewarded for their hard work. We love to spoil our carers rotten with holidays, manicures, spa days, helicopter rides,  getaways, meals for two, and much more! 

  • Our visits are predominantly based in the Morecambe area. The furthest you will travel is 4 miles, but usually, our jobs are only 1/2 miles apart. We don't cover city areas. Carers can expect to travel 12 miles per day around the community with their mileage costs covered! 

  • Yes, we pay £0.25 per mile covered to cover your petrol. You can claim another 20p per mile from HMRC for each mile you cover EVERY year. (A nice juicy cheque or tax deduction every year!) 


  • £13.05 per hour (We also have positions that are weekend only that are £15 per hour) 
  • £11.42 for travel/ waiting time (maximum of 10 minutes bwteen visits. Visits are 5 minutes apart on average) 
  • 25p per mile to cover petrol costs (we will help you claim more from HMRC every year)
  • Time and half on bank holidays and double time on Christmas

Absolutely! The rota rotates biweekly. So you know exactly what you will be scheduled to work and when. You can fulfill your commitments and arrange things when you KNOW you aren't working. Even this time next year! No more suprise rotas.

The shifts run between 07:00 to 14:00 and 14:00 to 21:00 (or double shifts if thats your thing) . You will be allocated a rota pattern and you will be scheduled for any visits which fall in these agreed brackets. You will not be scheduled for anything more - no suprise rotas! Whats even better - you tell us how many blocks you want to be contracted to!

Absolutely not!  Our carers have security and are contracted shifts to ensure a good work/life balance. Due to the nature of the role - the exact amount of hours each shift is may slightly vary - but we have a minimum hour clause within the contracts so you can have peace of mind you can always pay your bills and pass a mortgage application. Some companies offer very high entising wages under a zero hour contract - so although other deals may look good at face value, just think ... will you get consistent hours, if any hours at all, or will the hours be all over tyhe place?  £20ph may sound good, but if its only 2 hours a week for an hour at 9am and an hour at 8pm on a Wednesday, is it really that good? There are all sorts of pitfalls to watch out for when choosing a good care company! Make sure you chose one with a safety net like ours, whilst also balancing your life. Watch out for contracts that are set hours (example 40 hours), because its likely you will be scheduled wherever the company see's fit and you have to lay in wait or arrange anything until know when you'll be scheduled the 40 hours. Be wary of companies that pay a set shift, they will likely have jam packed rotas with unachievable travel times and massively over crowded.) 

No, no and NO. We allocate our time perfectly and ensure the service users are close by one another so you don't drive like a maniac and try to rush your jobs. You have time to provide quality care which is our number one goal.

Yes, you're paid for your time travel, thisa only takes around 5 minutes per journey, but we pay you for 10 so you often have more time than needed! 

You are required to work bank holidays and Christmas, New Year. People's care needs don't take a break because its the holidays, but we never put on any one person of our team and expect them to sacrifice special days from their families. We have a fair process where we divide all the work on Christmas day between all staff, so each staff member contributes only an hour or so on Christmas day, so everyone see's their loved ones and the service users also have their needs still met. Everyone wins! All staff will receive £20 an hour for any work on Christmas day, and time and half time for other specified bank holidays. 

No. You don't need any experience. We will give you full, robust training and shadowing. We teach you all you need to know before being deployed on your own. 

We do expect all of our team to have a qualification or willing to work towards. MoralCare will fund your qualification entirely, and you can continue to work. So you still get to pay the bills, and earn a qualification for life! 

Yes! We have supervisors, deputy managers, and other roles being developed all the time. 

The Candidate

The desired candidate will have a Health and Social qualification or be willing to work towards one (fully funded by us). The desired candidate will also work well independently and contribute to the team. The candidate must enjoy making a difference, and be keen to expand on our excellent reputation.


  • No experience is necessary as we offer full training, skill development, and qualifications, but we do require our successful candidates to be kind-natured and care about the impact they have and the people they visit. 
  • Candidates need a full driving license and use of their own vehicle. (We pay for petrol, but you can claim back even more from HMRC for your vehicle use.)
  • An enhanced DBS check (funded by the candidate and rehimbursed in first wage)


  • £13.05 per hour
  • £11.42 for training or (minimal) travelling time
  • £time and half on bank holidays 
  • £20 per hour Christmas Day


All of our service users are based in Morecambe and the surrounding areas - though we plan to expand the further field in the future. All home visits are scheduled as close to each other as possible, 2 miles is our average distance between jobs. We have an app that calculates your mileage between jobs accurately. You haven't got to worry about mileage submission.

Why Work for Moral Care?

  • Outstanding reward program!
  • Excellent pay, culture and Team reputation
  • Work tablet, complete with minutes and data.
  • You are scheduled to the same routine shift pattern, so you can plan a life outside of work.
  • Have full support from your manager and colleagues.
  • Weekly paid meetings and 1 to 1 support
  • We are a company with an excellent reputation and looking for quality carers to help us grow further.
  • We cover the cost of qualifications, uniform and enhanced DBS checks.
  • Employee of the month
  • Security - our shift blocks are usually up to 5-7 hours long, but you are contracted to a minimum of 5 hours per shift block - this means that if in the unlikely event all your service users cancel or go to hospital, you would have a comfortable financial safety net and can still get that mortgage!


Why is this a crucial role?

Without community carers the NHS crumbles. Abuse goes unnoticed, people have more falls an injury with no support, peoples mental health plummets because they have no one to speak to. People bed block in hospital because there are no care packages to discharge them safely to their home in the community where they long to be. You are needed to make a difference and this misconception that carers are brew makers must change, we are making a difference to the sector but we need your help to do it!

About Us

MoralCare is here to bring back high standards in service user experience and staff treatment. We have no "us and them" culture, no corrupt circles. We're extremely passionate for what we do and we expect all of our team members to be the same. Our managers are leaders, not dictators.