Moral Care Support VS Other Morecambe Care Companies

With so many care companies all claiming the same thing and delivering such different care services and standards, it can be tricky to know you are choosing the right company for you or your loved one. We've all seen the horrid panoramas and we've all heard the horror stories of someone we know experiencing the hands of a poor care company. It's important to know that no 2 care companies are the same and that not all agencies are bad. We care about all of our service users like our own family. 

Be wary of private carers, as they are not regulated by The CQC.

Our Manager Considers Herself a Carer First

Leadership is key to a good company. Many other care companies are run by businessmen chasing profits that don't give a hoot about their reputation, staff, or most importantly - the people in their care.   Our manager is the creator of MoralCare, which has been built with love and the intent to make a change to local standards. Rebecca considers herself a lead carer, rather than a manager/owner. Everyone in care should first be a carer before anything else. You can read more about how we started here.

Affordable Care

Having support services at home is often not a want, but a need. This is why we keep our prices as low and as competitive as possible. According to the Homecare Association, the minimum price of homecare is £25.96 per hour. We charge less than this at £22.99 per hour to make services affordable and available to those who need them. We have no hidden costs. Click here to compare the costs of Home Care VS Care Home. 

We Select our Carers Carefully

We have a low turnover rate of carers, so we don't often need to replace people, however, when we do recruit carers we make extensive background checks and ensure we employ people that have the same goals as we do, in improving the standards of care. We don't just employ anyone, stick a uniform on them and call them a carer. We find the right people, with the right intentions and teach them our standards and expectations of service. Quality is what we aim for, not quantity. 

Visit Times

Our service users have an allocated slot, so they know exactly when to expect a carer. It must be awful having people show up and not knowing when or who. It's not acceptable to have carers turn up at 11 am to get you out of bed when you were expecting them at 8 am. It is not acceptable to have a bedtime visit at 11 pm when you were expecting help at 8 pm. Sometimes, things happen out of our control but this practice should never happen routinely - change companies if it does!


We pride ourselves on allocating only a small team to support service users. Usually, we allocate no more than 4 carers per service user (with our small bank staff to stand in on the odd absence.) This level of continuity ensures service users feel comfortable with their caregivers, and are familiar with who is in their home. It also allows our carers to be more effective and responsive to changing needs. One lady we cared for, who had another care company, told us she saw 20 different carers in just 1 week! 

No Rushing in and out

We are a scheduled service, which means you get the time you are allocated for. Some companies allocate up to 3 hours for care for every package and there are no "specific times or durations so they can meet any needs at the given time," sadly all we have found is that this encourages carers to be in and out as fast as possible as they continue to be paid 3 hours, whether the visit is 3 hours long or 3 minutes long. With us, if your needs aren't being met in the allocated slot, we will offer to extend your visits to suit. 


We deliver reliable care services that you can depend on. We do not let our service users and relatives down, you can always count on us. We don't cancel visits, if we are short-staffed for any reason, we have a backup bank team or even our Deputy or Manager will visit you. 


We have an excellent reputation. Ask your friends, family, and research online! You will find we have consistently positive feedback. (Not many other companies can make such a bold statement!) We conduct an enhanced police background check on all of our carers, work history, and intentions and put our carers through an intensive training regime and induction framework. Know the carers providing your care are trained and trustworthy people to be in your home.

If you currently have a care company that is causing you stress or anxiety, make a change NOW. Care Companies should make things easier. Never tolerate poor standards.