End of Life Home Care Services

How do we support people at the end of life at home? 

At MoralCare we are keen to ensure that peoples wishes and preferences are delivered throughout the end of life journey; and familes, loved ones and the service user is supported effectively throughout.

We instigate early discussions about advanced decisions and preferences to ensure we are always acting in the persons best interest and wishes. With our end of life care program we  work closely with the client and all those important to the service user, to provide reassurance, a listening ear, consistency, calmness, peacefullness and competence, even in the most turbulent of times. 

We work closely with district nurses and doctors so that a persons end of life is comfortable, free from pain, surrounded by support and are in safe hands.

The end of life journey at home, allows people in their most vulnerable state, to be surrounded by famiiar smells, comforts, sounds and sights. Change can be disruptive and unbalancing, as can the process of settling into a completely new environment such as a hospice or hospital. 

We allocate a small team, so the person can become familiar quickly with voices and faces of those visiting them. Our team are sensitive, approachable, reassuring and calm. Well equipped to deal with many dynamics. Carers provide mouthcare, bed bathing, bedding changes, continence care, pressure area monitoring and pressure sore prevention techinques.

Every service user under our care can expect dignity, respect and privacy. Families can expect to see competence, reassurance and sensitivity.

Would you like to know more about Moral Care's End of life services in your own home?

We have talked about the areas of care that Moral Care homecare can offer to our service users; such as personal care, dementia care, home help, elderly care, end-of-life care, and more. If you have a specific requirement, or care need that we haven't touched on please feel free to call us at 01524 874110, or email us at [email protected]. From there, if you are happy to proceed, we can arrange a friendly personal visit, directly from the registered managing director to help build a care plan to meet your needs and preferences. We provide our care at-home services in Morecambe and the surrounding areas.