MoralCare Domiciliary HomeCare Services provide quality support for seniors in Morecambe, in the comfort of their homes. We pride ourselves on providing the highest home care standards and excellent continuity to the people within our care.

Our professional carers are fully background-checked, friendly, extensively trained and CQC-registered. Read here to learn more about us. Enquire here and tell us what support you need. PLEASE BE WARY OF CHEAP "PRIVATE" CARERS OR "PERSONAL ASSISTANTS". THEY ARE NOT REGULATED.


Our passion is seeing people happy, thriving and safe in their own homes. 

"I can say with total confidence that Moral Care has been nothing short of miraculous and their professionalism, efficiency, dedication, kindness, and compassion, have transformed my Mums faith."

Daughter of Service User

Our care services help maintain and empower independence, prevent unnecessary care home and hospital admissions, and support people to have full control of their lives, whilst protecting their assets. We often find people think that when carers come into their lives it's downhill from there, but it's only just the beginning! Having carers opens more doors to more fulfillment and enjoyment in life and remedies difficult daily barriers. Don't struggle or suffer alone, our home support could mean a road to a healthier, easier, safer, and happier way of living.

Our carers are friendly, trained, and outstandably reliable. We are extremely proud to be one of the area's best care companies for continuity, allocating few carers to one service user. This ensures our service users can build trusting relationships with their team and can get to know our carers and our carers can get to know them. Our ability to detect potential areas of concern is incomparable, our eagle-eyed carers can spot things out of the ordinary and arrange needed referrals before concerns escalate to hospital admission or decline in ability. We can offer variable support depending on the persons needs and wishes, such as; washing and bathing, full medication management, home help with meals, reablement services, domestic support, companionship and lots of other help at home too. We specialise in dementia care, elderly care, and Parkinson's care.

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Medication Administration

We can prepare and witness medication, manage stock levels, arrange medication deliveries, liase with pharmacies,, even arrange GP medication reviews.

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We offer dignified assistance with bathing, washing, dressing, oral care,  hygiene needs, shaving, skincare, catheter care, and much more!

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MoralCare offers dignified continence care and support. We can support with washing, changing, disposal, full toilet support, cream application and referrals.

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Continuity is key to providing quality companionship! Get to know your carers, feel safe and build real trusting relationships that you can depend on.

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We can just pop in to check that you're okay. Well-being checks offer peace of mind, in that should anything happen, someone will be there soon.

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We can make sure your house is kept just how you like it. We always want to ease home-upkeep pressures, without compromising independence.

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Nervous about shopping? We can go with you and support you, or even do it for you. Don't need a shop one week? We could walk your dog or have a chat instead!

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Medical Support

Our carers are first aid trained, trained to identify when medical intervention may be necessary and work with other medical professionals. 

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Our carers wear uniforms with ID badges for familiarity. They are experienced with different types of dementia, and are skilled in effective  techinques.

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Yes! When you have dedicated your time to your garden, don't watch it become a jungle. We can help with the upkeep and maintainence! 

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Home care means you haven't got to rehome your furry friend! We can walk them, feed them, love them... whatever it you need to keep your companion.

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We can help you with meal preparation, cooking, serving, and keeping you hydrated. We can even monitor your weight and refer you to specialists for supplements if necessary. 

We are passionate about keeping older people in their own homes, where it is their choice and safe to do so. There's nothing we love more than supporting people to continue to be a part of the community and continue to do things they enjoy with our support. You don't always need to sell your home to pay for an expensive care home. We even provide end of life care for those who wish to stay at home until their final days of life. 

Key Information

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MoralCare is committed to the vision of supporting people to ‘live a better life’ which is achieved through the delivery of our quality and friendly care service that meets the highest standards and supports individuals to exercise personal choice and control, maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life in the comfort of their own home.

Our Values are central to everything we do and will be upheld by our trained staff team:

  • Moral Care are committed to offering high quality care and support services delivered with dedication, compassion and sensitivity.
  • Moral Care recognise that the little things are important and we will work with our Customers and their families/carers to ensure that support is tailored to meet their specific needs and requirements.
  • Working together, we actively respect and encourage the right to independence and support people to achieve their aspirations and live full and meaningful lives.
  • Moral Care actively listen and respond to the people we support, promoting a culture of involvement and participation.
  • Moral Care strive to create a safe, friendly and caring environment, where people are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Moral Care treat people fairly and behave with honesty, integrity and openness at all times.
  • Moral Care recognise that our staff are our greatest asset. We actively promote a culture of learning and development – supporting our staff to be the best that they can be.

Moral Care strive to provide the highest quality domiciliary care in Morecambe, Overton, Middleton, Hest Bank, Bolton-le-sands, Silverdale, Carnforth, and surrounding areas. Quality homecare in Lancashire & Cumbria.

You might be eligible for the local council to pay towards the cost of your social care if you have less than £23,250 in savings (called the upper capital limit, or UCL). From October 2025 this will rise to £100,000 in savings. Exactly how much the council will pay depends on what care you need and how much you can afford to pay. 

The first step is for your council to do an assessment to check how much help you need. This is called a needs assessment. The needs assessment is free and anyone can ask for one. Find out more about getting a needs assessment. If you need care, the council will then do a financial assessment to work out what you will have to pay towards the cost of your care.

The financial assessment calculates if:

  • the council pays the maximum amount towards your care and you might have to pay a contribution too
  • the council pays a smaller part of the cost and and you pay the rest
  • you pay the full cost of your care

The financial assessment is free. It can be arranged for you after your needs assessment. Read more about the financial assessment.

How the council pays for and arranges your care

If the council is going to pay towards your care, you'll get a personal budget. The amount will be worked out when the council makes a care and support plan with you.

You can choose to get your personal budget in 3 ways, or a combination of them:

  • a direct payment into your bank account for you to use for some types of care – the council will usually ask for receipts to see you're spending the money on care
  • the council arranges for your care and pays your care providers for you
  • an organisation you choose, such as an individual service fund, manages your personal budget for you.


If the council is arranging your care, you still have the right to decide how your personal budget is spent.

Firstly, the registered manager will come and visit you at home. Where the registered manager, Rebecca, will visit the service user and usually a relative to discuss needs and build a thorough care plan and reflection of needs. Discussions may cover: 

  • your needs
  • medical/falls history
  • medical conditions
  • your care plan and how you want to be supported 
  • a home risk assessment (identifying anything which may be hazardous). 
  • what visit times you would prefer for visits
  • your usual abilities 
  • prices & fees
  • service users guide & contract etc 
  • an agreed date to commence care.

This dicussion usually lasts between 1-2 hours. Feel free to ask any questions throughout this stage. 

  • Attendence allowence - between £68.10 - £101.75 per week 
  • PIP (personal indepdnece payments) - up to £172.75 per week 
  • Support from the council (amount depends on criteria) 
  • Continuing health care funding (amount depends on criteria) 

When you allow the council to source your care package, they will source it as cheap as possible company, not with the most reputable company. They will also take your provider off you if you go into hospital for 3 days or more, which can be extremely distressing. We strongly advise requesting a direct payment card when you find your own care provider, with Moral Care, you wont lose your place with us if you have direct payment card. Learn about how to get a direct payment card here.

We send out invoices 4 weekly on a set invoice schedule. We serve this after every 4 weeks of care has been delivered. YOu can pay by bank transfer, over the phone or we can set up a reoccuring payment plan. This is where payment is automatically taken after 7 days of the invoice being served. A lot of our customers choose this option, it helps to avoid any late payments and takes away the worry. 

We charge a 50% holding fee for your place whilst you are absent. This is to hold your place and allows us to pay our staff whilst their hours are temporarily reduced. For example, if you pay £22 per day for care you will be charged a lesser fee of £11 per day to leep your slots available to return home when you are fit for discharge. This prevents you from losing our services and you can relax.  

It may sound enticing to pay for a cheap private carer, but we must warn you there are some major major pitfalls to be aware of.

  • They are not regulated by CQC, this means their practice is completely unmonitored and unregulated.
  • Training is usually out of date or very basic.
  • Do they have a DBS and full history check each year?
  • They will burn out/ go on holiday/ get sick - which in turns leave you facing the dilemma of no care.
  • Struggle to maintain professional boundaries, which may seem like no problem - until there is a problem.
  • Check their insurance - are they adequately insured? Are they insured to administer medication?
  • They often have no guidance, direction or development.
  • Boundaries are usually blurred.
  • They could be tax implications, pension implications as you are an employer rather than using a service.
  • Unmanaged and have no access to support and recent guidelines changes.

We've seen some scary practice out there by private carers, and no manager or regulator to report them to. Please, please be careful. We are raising this with CQC and requesting private carers become regulated and registered, so that they can provide safe care standards also. Choosing the right care for your loved one is so incredibly important.