Home Care Services for Seniors and Elderly

How can we support seniors to live safely at home? 

Aging is a natural process that happens to every one of us. As we grow older our bodies aren't what they used to be - and that's okay! It's an entirely normal process. Over the years, those joints and bones start to struggle with tasks that were once a breeze. Aging does not mean you need to give up your life, and having our team visit you, does not make you less independent. Our support prevents you from losing your independence. We often find some people put off getting the help they need, which leads them into care homes or hospitals because they weren't adequately supported at home. 

We understand that allowing support into your home can be a very daunting prospect, please don’t suffer in silence we are always more than happy to provide a tailored plan to help you and your family remain happy and independent in your own home. No matter what your age you should be able to live happily and independently, this is something we pride ourselves on. Age should never be a barrier to living in your home.

We can help with: 

  • General housekeeping support and upkeep. (just think, is struggling to pick something up off the floor worth a potential fall and injury that could cause you to lose the ability.) 
  • In regards to medication, we can fully administer, record, and manage stock control. Prescriptions aren't always easy to understand and follow - especially when you have numerous medications or sight problems. It can be hard to follow what you have and haven't taken. 
  • We can support you by escorting you to the shops, hospital/ doctor appointments, or even trips and outings to things you enjoy. 
  • Staying active. 
  • Support with laundry, washing/ dressing, or even just someone to talk to. 
  • Personal care - even if it's just to help get your socks & trousers on. How much help you want is entirely up to you. 

"I've had a lot of care agencies in the past and this one is by far the best. They always listen to me and do everything they can and more some. "

Service User

Would you like to know more about Moral Care's elderly home care services?

We have talked about the areas of care that Moral Care homecare can offer to our service users; such as personal care, dementia care, home help, elderly care, end-of-life care, and more. If you have a specific requirement, or care need that we haven't touched on please feel free to call us at 01524 874110, or email us at [email protected]. From there, if you are happy to proceed, we can arrange a friendly personal visit, directly from the registered managing director to help build a care plan to meet your needs and preferences. We provide our care at-home services in Morecambe and the surrounding areas. We are passionate about senior community care in morecambe.