From The Owner

I have spent many years working long hours in nursing homes and domiciliary care within our local communities. Throughout this time, I gained leadership qualifications and Health & Social Care degrees, aswell as a well respected reputation within the industry for being a strong advocate for those without big voices.

Throughout my career, I've always had a major drive for quality home care. I have a passion and respect for all types of care, but there is just something about homecare that just resonates with me, something I feel needs to be improved as a sector.

Caring in people's home, in peoples lives, is a largely intimate and invasive role. In my previous roles, I have witnessed rushed carers, unsupported carers or general "thats not my job attitudes" but most importantly unhappy service users - often wondering what new face would wander through their door with visits rushed and needs unmet. 

After being a serial whistle-blower, I decided enough was enough, I was going to create a company that provided good care that reflected my own values. A company that supported  GPs, nurses, social workers, families and service users with the dedication and passion homecare deserves. In May 2021, MoralCare Limited was born. No franchise, no cold corporations, no financial target focus, no smoke and mirrors. Just home care as it should be, with a moral compass and a passion for good care to the vulnerable people in our community and their families. I've had a few people say to me "Moral" Care, thats a bold statement... and my response to them every time is " yes, it absolutely is!"

MoralCare's goal is to support people to live independently at home and receive quality care by extensively trained, qualified and friendly carers, who work closely with other professionals involved with their care. MoralCare is here to make a change, and I refuse to allow my brand to employ just anyone and stick a uniform on them for profit. MoralCare is bringing quality back to homecare, starting with CARE and MORALS. 

I have built MoralCare independently - brick by brick, foundation by foundation, policy by policy, carer by carer. Everyone who is cared for by MoralCare can expect support, dedication and improved standards. 

If you are dissatisfied with your current company, my advice to you is make a change, never tolerate poor standards. Human beings deserve care, compassion and protection. 

  • Rebecca Williamson - Registered Managing Director 

About MoralCare

MoralCare is a dedicated and skilled team of community carers (Currently) based in the Morecambe area.

Our service: 

  • is regulated by CQC 
  • checks carers DBS checked and full background checked 
  • provides carers which are extensively trained and qualified to meet your needs
  • is professional, trustworthy, dependable. 
  • prides itself on continuity.