Dementia Care

How can we support people with dementia to live safely at home? 

Our team is well-experienced, trained, and skilled in supporting people to live at home with dementia. We work closely with dementia friends (initiated by the Alzheimers Society) to learn and deliver best practices to all of our service users. We highly recommend arranging dementia care as soon as possible. We often find it can be quite intimidating or confusing to people to have carers come into their homes, and not understand why they need help or why carers/nurses are there. This helps the transition and helps build trusting relationships early on. 

  • We ongoingly monitor well-being, capacity, and safety. We adapt to changing needs and barriers that dementia often brings us. 
  • Reminiscing and conversation. Social interaction and engagement are crucial to keeping orientated/grounded, relieving stress, sharing stories, and tackling anxieties. Laughter is the best medicine! 
  • We can offer support and feedback with memory specialists. referrals, reviews, and assessments. As daily visitors, we can identify changes in abilities or memory. 
  • We get to know likes/ dislikes/ history. What works, and what doesn't, every person is different and unique. Every person's dementia, ability, and care needs are different. 
  • We can get out and socialize, keep active, and support to continue community integration and participation.
  • When needs or preferences change, we adapt too. Our goal is to keep people with dementia happy, safe, and supported at home. 
  • Manage medication. Let us worry about reading prescriptions, administration, and ordering medication. It can be so difficult for those with dementia to take medication safely due to short-term memory implications, however, if you want to manage your own medication and accept the risks (capacity-depending) then that's good too!

We are committed to delivering outstanding care to people living at home with dementia. It is often a misconception that people that experience symptoms of dementia are no longer safe to be at home. We can support everyone to live safely at home. We can connect people to services that can implement additional safety measures if they are required.

Another misconception is that people who have dementia lack capacity. We encourage and support all people with dementia to continue making their decisions for as long as possible. We like to get a picture of what is important to them early on by having a discussion with them and family members close to them about what decisions they would like in the future.

Dementia isn't just memory loss, it could be a change of behavior, change of taste, struggle to understand and comprehend information or images, confusion with time and place, anxiety and fearfulness, decreased judgment, misplacing things, withdrawal from society, changes in mood or personality, as well as short term or long term memory loss. 

Dementia's progression and presentation are always different for every individual, but with daily carers in place, it ensures people with dementia and their families are not alone. We highly recommend looking into obtaining Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Finance. This doesn't have to be completed with a solicitor and can be applied online. It costs £82 for each LPA. Read more about the Lasting Power of Attorney and what it does here. 

"Excellent! Moral Care understands dementia care and works wonders for my mum. I don't know how they do it. They always make her smile."

Daughter of Service User